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BisonTank Competition

take your idea to the next level

April 17, 2024 | 6-8 PM EST

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No Entry Fees


Join as a Solo / Team


One Idea


Open to Gallaudet Students




Sunday, February 2, 2025 11:59 pm EST
Application Deadline


8-Week Cohort Training:

During the Week of Feb 12-16

First Week of Cohort Training Kickoff Meeting (February 13 - TBD: Based on participants' availability.


Thursday, April 17, 2025 | 6-8 pm EST

8th Annual Student BisonTank Competition

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bisontank - April 17, 2025


Gallaudet Student Prizes


11st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


About the Student BisonTank Competition 

The BisonTank Business Competition offers students an opportunity to build on their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as well as the mindset required to be successful Changemakers. As well, it offers students the opportunity to explore ways to give back to the community through their innovative ideas.

This Competition is rigorous and time intensive. If selected, participants should expect to:

  1. Spend an average of 2 to 4 hours per week participating in GIEI cohort activities, primarily online, and

  2. Spend 5 to 10 hours per week developing their business idea/plan to prepare for the pitch competition, and

  3. Participate in at least 1 GIEI cohort activity per week throughout the program, including Zoom-enabled meetings, and

  4. Meet regularly with their assigned mentor and take ownership of their mentor/mentee relationship, and

  5. Be introduced to a peer group and actively contribute to group discussions and activities, and

  6. Gain access to a program advisor from whom they can seek support when needed, and

  7. Respond to periodic surveys to improve the overall experience.


Upon successful completion of the eight-week program, participants will:

  • Be challenged, stretched, and inspired as they acquire new knowledge.

  • Develop new skills, build their peer network, and transform their businesses.’

  • Form connections with a diverse network of Deaf entrepreneurs.

  • Establish a relationship with a senior business mentor.

  • Strengthen strategy, leadership, and business management skills.

  • Gain skills in finance, marketing, and strategy needed to grow and scale their enterprise.

  • Develop a toolkit of soft skills, including self-confidence, resilience, collaboration, and cross-cultural communications.


The program will conclude with a pitch competition where participants will be judged based on [GENERAL CRITERIA/FACTORS (examples: presentation, creativity, etc)]. Three winners will be identified and awarded cash prizes: 


1st Place: $5000

2nd Place: $3000

3rd Place: $2000

Important Dates


Application Period Open: December 6th - February 2nd

Pitch Competition: April 17, 2025 | 6-8 pm EST 


1. There is no fee for entry.
2. A proposal may be submitted by an individual or as a team of up to 2 members.
3. Each individual and/or team may submit only one proposal for consideration.
4. All participants, including those submitting as a team, must be currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Gallaudet University.
5. Students who are currently on academic or disciplinary probation are not eligible to participate.
6. The deadline to submit a proposal is February 2, 2025, at 11:59 pm eastern. The University reserves the right to determine whether any proposals submitted after the deadline will be accepted.

Proposal Requirements:

1. Proposals must be in the idea or conceptual phase. No existing start-ups will be considered.
2. Proposals must be the original work of the participants and must not infringe upon another party’s intellectual property rights.
3. Proposals containing racial slurs, sexist remarks, profanity, or other inappropriate or unethical content will be disqualified.
4. Proposals must not violate any applicable federal and DC state laws.

If you are interested in applying, please submit your application
here by Sunday, February 2, 11:59 PM EST.


Where can I find the application?


Complete the application here.


How do I submit my application?


The application is submitted electronically. You must complete the application and attach all required documents to apply.


Can I mail, email, or fax my completed application?




Will incomplete applications be reviewed?


Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review.


Can I submit my application after the deadline?




Can I submit more than one application? What if I am a member of two different teams?


No. Only one application submitted by your representative will be accepted. (See BisonTank Competition Eligibility)

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